Thermoset Moulding

Complex specialist precision mouldings.


Often used to facilitate production of metal replacement components. We are able to produce high strength complex objects which are commonly used for electrical switches and connectors.


Components can be made accurately with thicker sections with minimal internal stresses giving superb strength and stability.

Thermoset Injection Moulding

Thermoset, or thermosetting, plastics are synthetic materials that strengthen during being heated that cannot be successfully re-moulded or reheated after their initial heat-forming unlike thermoplastics. Therefore thermosetting plastics have a number of advantages.


  • High surface leaking resistance (Insulation)
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Excellent strength retention even under high temperatures
  • Weather resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Good impact resistance

These attributes make thermoset ideal for producing electrical connectors, an area that AMS specialise in. We are able to offer extremely accurate tightly tolerance injection moulded electrical connectors including insert moulding of complex electrical contact surfaces.


Additionally, thermosetting moulding compounds due to its irreversible cross-linking chemical process after curing lends itself to high temperature components for producing vehicle engine components such as turbocharger housings which previously have been made out of metal.

Not sure what you need or how to produce it?
Don’t worry, our team can help!

Our design team are able to use a huge variety of CAD-CAM software, and use SLS and SLA machines to sculpt models that look and feel like the real thing. All of our machining can use a range of materials from Polypropylene to Thermoplastic Rubber. All of this supplied by a company that is able to offer a high quality comprehensive thermoset injection moulding service at ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.

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